mr. Kim Minseok- CEO, runway model, resident heartbreaker

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“Oh my god, jesus. That tight apple hip. I want to have it”. 

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Weren’t we all?

" R e d  L i g h t " was some kind of warning message expressed in a bigger picture. Taboo and Longing. Utopia and Dystopia. Reality and Ideal. By presenting all these contradicting codes together, I wanted to show what the world has forbidden on one side; on the opposite, how you yearn for personal ideals.

~Min Heejin (SM Visual & Art Director)

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Reporter Jung is Back.

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i hate songs that are like 75% bad but the chorus is so good that you suffer through the whole song just to hear one part like three times

Ladies and gentlemen i present you The Flying V


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jung daehyun…

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dancing with the bangtan boys

Taehyung's obviously infatuated by Hoseok after the kiss

"Show China fans some aegyo"
"Show China fans some aegyo"
Anonymous asked: “ i totally enjoyed your "everyone wants Taehyung" post, can you make one of Hoseok cooing and obsessing over the maknae line? ”


Cooing? Hobi? teasing and pushing around would be more like it :p hahhah no jk, but sure i can try ^^~ this post has gotten quite long and probably not the way you wanted it :’D


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If Jimin was your boyfriend

吴亦凡; Airport Appearance August 2014

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